I have lived, worked, and traveled in all six inhabited continents on the planet, from Amsterdam, Brazil, and Cape Town to Xi'an, Yosemite NP, and New Zealand. Only Antarctica is still eluding me, but I hope to make it over there sometime as well. And of course there are still plenty of places I have not been to yet. Continents are big, and in some of them I have only been in one or two countries so far.

I actually think the whole notion of countries, borders, and nationalistic feelings is rather silly, but since we live in a world that's chopped up like that anyway, I'll use this classification here as well. Below is an overview of the countries I have been to so far (grouped by continent), including the dates and a short description of what I've done in these places. And of course I hope to continue my world wide wanderings in the future, so I can keep adding to the list.

Not all who wander are lost...

In fact, it has been quite a deliberate choice to live life as a wandering scientist, and I wouldn't do it any different if I had to do it again. It's not always easy, but the many wonderful experiences have been worth it.

(With thanks to various friends who, over the years, have sent me some of their pictures from hiking trips we did together...)

Said the straight man
to the late man:
Where have you been?
I've been here, and
I've been there, and
I've been in between...

   ---King Crimson

Country Dates Activities
The Netherlands Up to 12/94; 01-08/18 The country I was born and raised in, and where I did my undergraduate studies. Recently came back here for a while mostly due to family circumstances, but overall I find it too flat, too wet, and too crowded...
Austria 12/01-05/02; 03/16-12/17; 05/19-current Worked as a postdoc at the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (Vienna) for four months. Came back many years later for a fellowship at the Konrad Lorenz Institute (near Vienna). Many hiking and snowshoeing trips in the Austrian Alps. Friendly country.
France 10/04-04/05; 07-08/06 Worked as a postdoc at the LIRMM, Montpellier, for six months. Spent time hiking around in the French Alps, the Massif Central, the Pyrenees, and Corsica. Also short (work) visits to Paris, Lyon, Calais, Grenoble, and Marseille at various times.
Switzerland 10/07-12/08; 10/10-02/16 Worked as a bioinformatics specialist at the University of Lausanne (twice), and then had a home base here for several years working as an independent researcher and consultant (while also still spending significant time elsewhere for projects and travels). Also did lots of hiking and snowshoeing in the Swiss Alps. The mountains used to be wilderness, but the Swiss have turned them into a big playground!
England & Wales 07-09/09 Worked as a postdoc at the University of Oxford. Also short research visits to the University of East Anglia, Norwich, and the Isaac Newton Institute for the Mathematics Sciences, Cambridge, and a workshop at the Royal Society, London, at various other times. Did some very nice hiking trips in various areas in England and Wales. I keep wondering, though, how Britain can ever have been one of the world's largest empires... ;-)
Germany 03/03; 01/04; 09/06; 03/13 Research visits to the Universität Leipzig, Universität Tübingen, and the Heinrich Heine Universität in Düsseldorf, plus various other short (personal) visits.
Slovenia 02/02; 02/17 Week-long workshop in Bled, with also several hikes in the mountains. A repeat 15 years later. Quite beautiful.
Hungary 06/08 Week-long workshop in Budapest. River trip, thermal baths, architecture. Very nice.
Finland 04-05/12 Worked on a project at the Tampere University of Technology for one month. Also made short sightseeing trips up to Rovaniemi (on the arctic circle) and down to Helsinki.
Denmark 09/13 A research visit at the Bioinformatics Research Centre (BiRC) of Aarhus University and some sightseeing in Copenhagen.
Italy 11/13 A research visit at the European Centre for Living Technology in Venice. Also (earlier) short trips to Milan for a workshop, and Rome for sightseeing. Also hiked in the Cinque Terre and Gran Paradiso national parks at other times.
Spain 01/14; 10/16; 03/17 A 3-week hiking holiday in Tenerife, Canary Islands. Also visited colleagues in San Sebastian (Basque Country) and Barcelona. And I had a 2-week holiday in Mallorca, where I hiked the Ruta de Pedra en Sec (GR221).
Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Montenegro 05-06/15 Traveling around to visit beautiful old (medieval) towns and do many hikes in the Balkans and along the Adriatic coast.
Czech Republic 05/16 Workshop in a beautiful castle in Valtice. Also several trips to Prague at other times.
Portugal 10/16 Visiting a colleague at the Gulbenkian Institute of Science in Oeiras, plus some sightseeing in Lisbon.
Slovakia 12/16 A walk along the Danube from Austria into Slovakia to Bratislava, and some city sightseeing.
Sweden 04/17 Presented a seminar at the University of Uppsala and did some sightseeing in Stockholm.
Poland 04/17 Visited a friend (and former house mate) in Krakow. A surprisingly beautiful city!
Scotland 06/17 Some sightseeing in Edinburgh. Desparately want to come back to this country to do some serious hiking in the highlands.
Greece 08-09/18 Attended a conference in Thessaloniki, and then traveled around the country a bit (Litochoro, Athens, Hydra). History and natural beauty combined.
Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein Various Various trips to Brussels & the Ardennes, Luxembourg (city), or just passing through by train (Liechtenstein).

North America
Country Dates Activities
USA 01/95-10/01; 02/04; 08-09/10; 05/13; 05/14; 10-12/18 Worked at the Santa Fe Institute and did my graduate studies at the University of New Mexico (NM), spent a few months at Yale University (New Haven, CT), and traveled, hiked, and mountain biked extensively all over the southwest (CO, NM, AZ, UT, CA, NV). Visited Chicago (IL), Washington DC, New York City (NY), San Francisco (CA), Durham (NC), Boston (MA), Juneau (AK), and a bunch of other places. Trying to make it a habit to go back for regular visits.
Canada 09/07; 07/10 A two-week family visit in Victoria on Vancouver Island (BC). Did a few hiking trips and saw a bit of the island. Came back for another month to visit the family again and do more hiking on the island and also in Banff and Lake Louise (AB). Presented a seminar at the university of Calgary along the way.

South America
Country Dates Activities
Brazil 06/02-02/03 Worked as a postdoc at the Universidade de São Paolo in São Carlos for six months, and spent three months traveling around the whole country afterwards. Loved it!
Chile 03-04/14; 12/15 Worked on a computing support project at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago, and traveled around in southern Chile for several weeks (Patagonia & Lakes District). Went back to Santiago for another two weeks for the same project. A beautiful and very diverse country.

Country Dates Activities
South Africa 02-08/07 Worked as a postdoc at the National Bioinformatics Network in Cape Town for four months (was supposed to be six, but I'll tell you that story over a beer sometime...), and traveled around the country a bit afterwards.

Country Dates Activities
India 07/05-06/06; 10-12/06; 01-05/09 Worked as a visiting researcher at Karunya University (near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu) for six months, did a little consultancy project in Bangalore, volunteered to teach english to Tibetan refugees in Dharamsala, and spend the rest of the time just traveling around the country. Returned for two months for another consultancy project and again for four months to teach at the Ambedkar Institute of Technology, both in Bangalore. India certainly doesn't stop amazing me!
Singapore 01/06; 01-03/19 Spent a week in the world's largest shopping mall to obtain a new visa for India. Then back for 3 months for a research fellowship at NTU's Complexity Institute. Love the food courts, hate the humidity...
China 11/09-04/10 Worked in Shanghai, at Fudan University and the Partner Institute for Computational Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, for four months. Spent another two months traveling around the country. Altogether a very interesting experience. Hope to go back some day.
South Korea 05/10 Spent one month in this lovely country, doing a little project at Hanyang University in Seoul for two weeks, visiting Postech in Pohang for one week, and doing a few hikes in various places.
Japan 06/10; 03/13; 10/17 Was in this beautiful country for one month, visiting several universities to present some seminars, and then traveling around for a while. Did many nice hikes in various places, including to the top of Mt. Fuji. Was in Tokyo again for a week to speak at a conference at the new Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI), and went back there for a 3-week research visit several years later. Expensive country, but certainly worth a visit.
Nepal 03/12 Did the Annapurna Base Camp trek with two swiss friends. Was great! The Himalayas are impressive...
Israel 11/17 A 3-week research visit at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, in Be'er Sheva. Visited a few other places in the area as well.
Indonesia 02/19 Spent 4 days on Bintan island as a little "escape" from Singapore.
Vietnam 03/19 Spent a week in Quy Nhon for a conference.

Country Dates Activities
New Zealand 03-12/03; 03-04/04; 11-12/12 Worked as a postdoc at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch (south island), for nine months and made several research visits to Massey University, Palmerston North (north island). Did lots of hiking in the Southern Alps. Returned for another two months to travel around the whole country and do more hiking trips. Went again for a research visit for one month and two more weeks of traveling around in the south island. Stunning place!
Fiji 02/04 Spent two weeks doing some hiking in the hills and relaxing on the beaches of this island nation. Very beautiful.
Australia 05-07/04 Traveled around the eastern and central parts of the country for three months, hiking around everywhere. Stunning wildlife!

Country Dates Activities
Antarctica ?? Never been there yet, but hope to make it some day. If you can get me a job there, that'd be cool! (pun intended...)