As a scientist and a world wide wanderer, I sometimes like to combine my photography with popular science and/or travel stories, or even with some nice music. Here are several examples...

Moon River
A short slideshow posted on YouTube, with a performance of the song "Moon River" by my good friend Charles Tichenor (piano & vocals), accompanied by appropriate photographs of my own.

VienNature interview
An interview conducted by the Konrad Lorenz Institute (KLI), based on my online Vienna Nature exhibition. The interview provides some background information about how this online exhibition came to be, and features some of my photographs from the actual exhibition.

Why are sunsets red?
A popular science article published in Plus magazine where I explain why sunsets are red. The article also includes a few of my own sunset photographs from various places.

StuFest -- Celebrating Stuart Kauffman's 80th birthday
A short popular science article published in the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis Blog about a workshop in honor of my colleague Stuart Kauffman, where I was invited to speak. Just two very basic photographs in this piece, but certainly a fun one to write!

Beating the Avatar blues
An article published in Orbiter magazine where I argue for a combination of a deeper appreciation and a better understanding of nature, if we want to have a chance to save our planet. The article also features some of my own nature photographs from several different places across the globe.

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