I am a passionate outdoor & nature photographer. Over the years I have taken many beautiful photographs on my travels and hikes all over the world. I hope my images will inspire and motivate others to also spend more time in, and develop a deeper connection with, nature. We have the technology to clean up the mess we've made in this world, but unless we, as a society, develop a strong (re)connection with nature, we won't have the will to do it.

Hiking pics

I regularly post pictures from my hiking trips. Here's just a small impression...


Chat Noir Cabaret

My dear friend Charles Tichenor (pianist & vocalist) performs a weekly Chat Noir Cabaret show in a local restaurant in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. To help him promote his cabaret, I put together a little slideshow of one of his performance nights. Later on we made another slideshow with some of my photography set to the song "Moon River" performed by Charles.

The Art & Science of Nature

Several years ago I created an exhibition called The Art & Science of Nature, combining short popular science stories with some of my nature photographs. This exhibition was originally displayed at the Konrad Lorenz Institute (Klosterneuburg, Austria) and later also at the Institute for Advanced Study (Amsterdam, The Netherlands).