News & Contact

I don't have much of a permanent address, so email is usually the best way to reach me. Below you can find my current coordinates, and places I will be in the near future.

Online coordinates
Email: wim<at> (just replace the <at> with @)
YouTube: WanderingWim (just click the link...)
Flickr: WanderingWim (just click the link...)

Physical coordinates

Martinstrasse 12
3400 Klosterneuburg

Upcoming travels

18-26 May 2019 Geneva, Switzerland, to attend a meeting at CERN, Paris, France, to visit colleagues at the ESPCI, and Brussels, Belgium, to collect some background material for an upcoming pop-sci piece.

9-12 June 2019 Modena, Italy, to visit colleagues.

22-25 June 2019 Rotterdam, The Netherlands, to visit family.

7-28 August 2019 (tentatively) Santa Fe, NM, USA, to attend a meeting at SFI and visit friends and colleagues.