Kahlenberg Sunset

Following up on my “Why are sunsets red?” article, here are some impressions of a gorgeous sunset I witnessed recently from the top of Kahlenberg, a hill just north of Vienna, Austria.

The name Kahlenberg (in German) actually means “bald mountain”, although it is neither bald nor a real mountain. But at 484m altitude it does provide a great view over the city, with the Danube flowing right through.

Meanwhile to the southwest, the sun was slowly sinking towards the horizon. In the distance on the left you can see the Schneeberg, which actually is a bald mountain, rising up to just over 2000m. (Click the pic for a larger view.)

And even though it was (literally) freezing cold up there, it was worth staying around for a while to see the sun disappear behind the hills in the distance.

All photographs © Wim Hordijk