Alessandro Volta’s Home Town

Had a cloudy afternoon to spare in Como, Italy. As it turns out, this is the home town of Alessandro Volta (1745-1827), the famous Italian scientist who invented the electric battery, and after whom the unit of electric potential (Volt) is named. And his legacy is still very visible in this small town!

On what is now called Via Alessandro Volta, at number 62, is the native home of Volta. He was born here on 18 February 1745. The white plaque next to the entrance reads: “Here was the native home of Alessandro Volta”.

Nearby is the Piazza Alessandro Volta (a town square), with a large statue of the man, holding a version of his original battery. The pigeon on top probably didn’t realize who’s head it’s sitting on…

And from there it’s just a short stroll to the lakeside, where a monument/museum is dedicated to Volta. This building was unveiled in 1927, the first centenary of Volta’s death. The museum contains some memorabilia and original tools used by the scientist.

Always a pleasure to retrace some science history! And Como is located in a beautiful area, which I had explored a bit on a wonderful hike the day before.