The February 2019 Supermoon

A “supermoon” happens when a full moon occurs around the same time that the moon is at its closest point to the earth (perigee) in its elliptical orbit around our planet. This means that the full moon will appear extra large and bright. In fact, it can appear up to 30% larger and brighter compared to the opposite, a “micro-moon”, when the full moon occurs around the same time that it is furthest away from the earth (apogee). Last night happened to be the brightest supermoon of 2019.

For a clear and detailed explanation of supermoons and micro-moons, read this nicely illustrated article on Luckily the sky turned mostly clear after a rather cloudy and rainy afternoon, and I spent the evening enjoying the show from my little balcony at home. Here are some impressions, captured with my rather limited and very basic camera equipment. Click each pic for a full-size view.