La Cathedrale de Strasbourg

I spent a morning strolling around the old town of Strasbourg, France, with as main goal a visit to its impressive cathedral. Unfortunately it was a completely overcast day, so the sky was white instead of blue. But in some way it actually made the whole experience even more mystical!

Starting out as a Merovingian cathedral (7th century) and then a Carolingian cathedral (9th century), an Ottonian-style Romanesque building was constructed between 1015 and 1048. The current cathedral was built on its foundations from 1180 onwards, and completed in Gothic style in 1439. It became Protestant between 1529 and 1681, but was returned to Catholicism by Louis XIV.

Here is a little slide show with appropriate music: La Cathedrale de Strasbourg from the album Hamburger Concerto (1974) by the Dutch symphonic rock band Focus (just click on the play button in the lower-left corner…).

You can also view all the images individually (in larger format and without the music).

I’ve listened to this song for many years, and now I finally had a chance to see the actual cathedral myself. Quite impressive indeed, even on a cloudy day!