Lunar Eclipse over Amsterdam

Last night there was a (complete) lunar eclipse which was visible from Amsterdam. Many thanks to Jo & Piet for sharing their 9th-floor apartment balcony with me, from where the views were just wonderful! Here are some impressions. Click any of the pics for a full-size view…

Unfortunately there were some clouds on the eastern horizon, so it took it little longer than expected before the (already eclipsed) moon became visible. So in the mean time I took some shots of the city itself. Here is the St. Nicholas church. I live just a few buildings to the left of this picture (for another 5 days only!).

And the tower of the Oude Kerk (“old church”).

A nice panoramic view over the city center at dusk (as with any pic in this post, click it for a full-size view).

And another one of the waterfront a little later.

But then, finally, the “blood moon” appeared from behind the clouds, with the planet Mars diagonally below it.

A closer up view of the moon and Mars.

And the “blood moon” on its own.

After a while, the Earth’s shadow slowly started to move away again…

Very happy I was able to witness this beautiful event…