Whim of the Week – 59

Frolicking frogs and slithering snakes…

On a beautiful early spring hike through the forest last weekend I walked past a little pond with literally hundreds of frolicking frogs (although by the looks of it I should be using a different F-word!). They were croaking away, trying to find a partner, or clinging on to one they had already found.

A little later I encountered a tiny little snake slithering through the twigs and needles on the forest floor. I managed to get my camera out just in time before it disappeared again.

It was very nice and inspiring to see the world coming back to life again after a long and dark winter. Here are some more pictures of this pleasant walk.

whimsical (adj.): Determined by chance or impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason. Playful or fanciful, especially in a humorous way. (Source: The Free Dictionary)

In an effort to continue looking at the bright side of life in these worrying times, the Whim of the Week series features sometimes funny or unusual, sometimes beautiful or inspiring, but generally whimsical observations I happen to capture on camera during my wanderings around the world.