Whim of the Week – 56

Being different is not allowed!

On a nice Sunday walk today I passed a former hotel/inn in Monnickendam (monnik = monk), and noticed a text written above the door. It says: “Anders zijn mag niet”, which translates as “being different is not allowed”. This text was put there by a former owner, and was meant to make fun of his fellow villagers, who apparently were jealous of his possession.


So I tried hard not to be different. But being back in The Netherlands, the views certainly were different from what I’ve experienced during all those years away!


I’ll have to get used to being in flatland (and waterland) again. Here is some more typical Dutch scenery I encountered during my walk…

whimsical (adj.): Determined by chance or impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason. Playful or fanciful, especially in a humorous way. (Source: The Free Dictionary)

In an effort to continue looking at the bright side of life in these worrying times, the Whim of the Week series features sometimes funny or unusual, sometimes beautiful or inspiring, but generally whimsical observations I happen to capture on camera during my wanderings around the world.