Whim of the Week – 45

Another surprising encounter out in the hills…

Well, my bad for going hiking in a ski area. Even though the lifts and slopes were already closed for the season, some of the props were still out there.


As far as I’m concerned, all development like ski areas, golf courses, and holiday resorts are just wasteful and useless entertainment for people who don’t know how to entertain themselves. But unfortunately money still rules this world…

Anyway, despite having to hike through some ugly ski areas, the views along the way were fantastic, which made up for it.

Projection: Cylindrical (1) FOV: 170 x 58 Ev: 15.69

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whimsical (adj.): Determined by chance or impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason. Playful or fanciful, especially in a humorous way. (Source: The Free Dictionary)

In an effort to continue looking at the bright side of life in these worrying times, the Whim of the Week series features sometimes funny or unusual, sometimes beautiful or inspiring, but generally whimsical observations I happen to capture on camera during my wanderings around the world.