Suspicious Preparedness?

Being prepared for disasters, whether natural or man-made, is of course a good thing.  But it seems that the global efforts for preparedness are suddenly getting to an extreme this year. From terror attacks to asteroid impacts and, yes, alien invasions, several large scale training exercises have been or are being held this year. Sounds suspicious? Judge for yourself…

A major military activity planned in the USA this summer has the internet buzzing with all kinds of fear and speculation. The US Army is staging a large scale exercise across seven states (mostly in the Southwest). The operation is dubbed Jade Helm 15, and was officially announced a month ago. However, given that soldiers supposedly will be operating undercover among civilians, fears have grown that this exercise may actually be a covert preparation for martial law.

Even though the army (of course) denies any such claims, it does explicitly state:

While multi-state training exercises such as these are not unique to the military, the size and scope of Jade Helm sets this one apart.

Regardless of the true intentions of this exercise, and having lived in the US Southwest for six years myself, I can certainly imagine that this military operation creates some uncomfortable feelings among many residents of that area.

Another major exercise, just held earlier this month, and even on an international scale, is that of an asteroid impact scenario. The idea was to simulate a situation where an asteroid is discovered to be on a collision course with earth, with only one month notice. Of course the threat of such an event has been recognized for a long time already, and many astronomers and space agencies around the world are constantly on the lookout. This continuous monitoring appears to give an “assurance” that a possible impact would be detected well in advance.

However, it is estimated that several dozen asteroids in the 6 to 12 meter size range fly by Earth at a distance closer than the moon every year, but only a fraction of these are actually detected. And now, with this international emergency response exercise, a clear message seems to be given that anything could happen at any time, without much notice at all.

Perhaps the most notable, the Israeli Air Force apparently just performed an exercise based around the theme of an alien invasion. The objective was, of course, quite clear: to find weaknesses in their own computer systems. But the chosen simulation scenario certainly raises some eyebrows, if not further questions.

So what to make of all this? Pure coincidence? Paranoia? A sign of the times? It will be interesting to follow some of these developments in the near future (that is, if we don’t get hit by an asteroid in the mean time).