Donauinsel, Austria

18 May 2020

A walk along the southern part of the Donauinsel (Danube island) in Vienna.

Across the bridge from the Ölhafen (oil harbor) to the Donauinsel.

Then heading north towards the city.

Suddenly I ran into two swans courting...

...and then going for it!

The male grabbed the female by the neck and pushed her head under water. Judging from the sounds she made, she almost drowned.

But luckily all ended well.

Continuing on again.

Kraftwerk Freudenau, a hydroelectric power plant.

An undisturbed piece of wetland.

With big fish!

And pretty dragonflies.

Another swan, taking care of its nest.

And a final view towards UNO City, and Kahlenberg in the distance.

Map and additional information

GPS track DonauInsel.gpx
Trailhead coordinates 48.166104, 16.509673
Length & cumulative elevation 10km, +/-0m
Public transport Bus 92B from the Donaustadtbrücke U2 station in Vienna to Ölhafen (final stop), and the U2 from Donaustadtbrücke back into the city.
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