Hallstatt, Austria

28 June 2020

Hallstatt is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Austria, which is exactly why I had avoided it so far. But with the current lack of foreign tourists I figured it's worth a try.
And indeed, it is quite impressive (but still very busy anyway).

From the Hallstatt train station on the other side of the lake, with the ferry across to the town itself.

Then a quick look around the main part of the town.

And up the trail with many switchbacks to the (former) salt mines. There is a cable car going up as well, so many people on top too, but on the trail itself it is pretty quiet.

Then down the other trail, which is even quiter.

And back down at the town.

A panoramic view from across the lake.

Map, elevation profile, and additional information

GPS track Hallstatt.gpx
Trailhead coordinates 47.562936, 13.649737
Length & cumulative elevation 6km, +/-450m
Public transport Train to Hallstatt bahnhof on the other side of the lake and then the ferry across, or bus to Hallstatt Lahn.
Useful websites
Remarks Crowded place, but worth a visit!

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