Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Singapore

19 January 2019

A wonderful walk through a mangrove forest and wetland reserve. Much wildlife to be observed here!

Straight away into the forest.

This tree is covered with a bunch of little crabs.

And then, the famous mudskipper, an amphibious fish that spends a good part of the time out of the water, using its fins to walk (or skip, rather).

I believe this is a species of golden silk orb-weavers. The little red one probably is a male (which are much smaller than females) trying to approach the larger female to mate.
He certainly was being very careful, trying not to be eaten by her instead!

Using this list of Singapore birds, I assume this is an ashy tailorbird.

And then there was this guy! Yes, there are (estuarian) crocodiles in Singapore.
I just managed to get this shot before it disappeared under water again. Apparently they can get up to 3 meters long.

A somewhat more friendly creature, an egret.

One of the many dragonflies.

And another surprise sighting, a laced woodpecker.

This monitor lizard was just lazying in the sun, trying to warm up a bit. As if close to 30°C isn't warm enough yet...

I think these are painted storks.

And another type of egret.

Chinese egrets?



A more familiar inhabitant.

These were just hanging around, literally...

And some more mudskippers...

A view across the bay to Johor Bahru in Malaysia.

A bright red dragonfly.

And then, as a special dessert, a collared kingfisher. Wonderful!

Map and additional information

GPS track SungeiBuloh.gpx
Trailhead coordinates 1.438353, 103.735748
Length & cumulative elevation 6.5km, +0/-0m
Public transport Bus 925
Useful websites Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
Singapore birds
Remarks Take it slow on this one! It's more about the wildlife viewing than about hiking.

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