Fort Canning Park, Singapore

17 February 2019

A stroll around the Fort Canning Park for a bit of Singapore history.

First a quick visit to the St. Andrew's Cathedral, which provides a nice contrast with the nearby highrises.

Then up the hill into Fort Canning Park. The Raffles House and flagstaff.

A view towards downtown from the Raffles House.

The lighthouse.

An old cannon.

The Fort Canning Centre.

The fort gate.

The undergound bunker, or "battlebox", which was used during the 2nd world war.

The Keramat, an old tomb that supposedly contains the remains of Sri Sultan Iskandar Shah, the fifth and last ruler of pre-colonial Singapore.

And finally, an old picture from around 1900 of Singapore's boat quay, looking towards Fort Canning Hill (you can see the lighthouse on the hill).

Map and additional information

GPS track No specific trail, just wander around at your own leisure.
Trailhead coordinates 1.2933841, 103.8504625
Length & cumulative elevation
Public transport Several MRT and bus stops around the park.
Useful websites Fort Canning Park
Remarks It's a small park, not overly exciting, but OK to spend a Sunday morning or afternoon.

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