MacRitchie Reservoir, Singapore

14 February 2019

A return to the MacRitchie reservoir trail, this time on a weekday (sooooo much quiter), and hoping to see some more monkeys. Boy, did I get my money's worth!
For an impression of the hike itself, see the previous hike. For lots of monkeys (and some other critters), stay right here...

There was already a group of them roaming around in the rest area right at the start of the hike.

And once I went into the forest there were many more...

The treetop walk along this hike is a narrow suspension bridge that allows you to walk along the forest canopy. But you can only go in one direction. This monkey was making sure people didn't walk in the wrong direction.

Later on it was actually chasing me somewhat aggressively, trying to get into my backpack. Of course they know there is likely to be food in such bags...

My best guess: an Oriental magpie robin.

This guy just caught its lunch!

And then it was making fun of me, sticking out its tongue...

A beautiful heron.

And yes, more monkeys!

Uhmmmm, adult viewers only, please...

Afterwards they looked all innocently, as if nothing had happened.

This Clouded monitor lizard was not easy to get a good picture of. But a nice sighting anyway.

And finally, a sunbird (not sure which kind) attending to its young in a nest.

Map, elevation profile, and additional information

GPS track MacRitchie.gpx
Trailhead coordinates 1.342324, 103.835163
Length & cumulative elevation 12km, +240/-240m
Public transport Many buses (see park website below).
Useful websites MacRitchie Reservoir Park
Remarks Weekdays are the best to avoid the crowds. Definitely a good chance for seeing monkeys here.

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