Thessaloniki & Pella, Greece

25 September 2018

Spent several more hours wandering around in Thessaloniki, Greece, this time up the hill to the old city wall and fortifications. Then I joined two colleagues for a trip to the archaeological site in Pella (about 40km north-west of Thessaloniki), the birthplace of Alexander the Great. Quite a lot of walking altogether...

Walking up along the old city wall.

A beautiful Greek orthodox church nearby.

Then the fortification.

And the views from its top.

Then even further up the hill to the Eptapyrgio (a former prison).

Then along some more old city walls.

To the beautiful Vlatadon monastery.

A last view over the city before walking back down again.

And a zoomed-in view of the old city walls and fortifications just before sunset, from the balcony of my hotel room.

In the afternoon, a trip to Pella, former capital of Macedonia, and birthplace of Alexander the Great.

A stroll around the archaeological site.

Some beautiful floor mosaics.

And a last view of some ruins with the mountains in the distance.

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All images © 2018 Wim Hordijk