Atalaya Mountain, NM, USA

5 November 2018

A nice hike up Atalaya, overlooking the city of Santa Fe. Did this hike many times when I lived here, and still like it a lot!

The first views of Atalaya.

Looking west towards the Jemez mountains.

And down on Santa Fe.

A view south towards Sandia Peak.

Close to the top...

...with wonderful views.

Going down the other side, with a view towards the ski basin.

A view back up Atalaya.

Castle Rock.

And then, a quiet but wonderful encounter. Two deer. Here's the first one.

And the second one.

After getting back to the trailhead I still had to walk another hour into town. But there were a couple of pretty trees on the way...

And finally, a panoramic view from the top of Atalaya.

The hike and elevation profile.

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All images © 2018 Wim Hordijk