Amstel, The Netherlands

29 July 2018

From Abcoude along the Holendrecht and Bullewijk through Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, and then along the Amstel into Amsterdam to the Amstel station.

Along the Abcouder Meer (lake of Abcoude).

Then along the Holendrecht.

A beautiful stork.

Then along the Bullewijk.

Through Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

And then along the Amstel, which is lined with amazing villas. Here are just some of them.

A nice heron.

The wind mill "De Zwaan" (The Swan).

And another stork!

Entering the city of Amsterdam.

A nice contrast to end with: an old wooden drawbridge, and the modern buildings near the Amstel station.

The walk.

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All images © 2018 Wim Hordijk