Muiden to Bussum, The Netherlands

13 February 2018

From Muiden past the medieval castle "Muiderslot", along the IJsselmeer, and through Naarden, a medieval fortified town. Finally on to the train station in Bussum. A lot of Dutch history and a bit of nature in between on a cold but beautiful winter's day.

The "Muiderslot" (Muiden castle).

Then over the dyke along the IJsselmeer.

The tiny island of Pampus in the distance. For the dutchies, this is where the expression "voor pampus liggen" comes from...

Hundreds of migrating geese who made this their home for the winter.

A cute little church along the way.

Then the fortified town of Naarden.

The arsenal.

The old town hall.

The big church.

The Utrecht gate.

A view of Naarden on Google Earth, clearly showing the fortifications.

The walk.

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All images © 2018 Wim Hordijk