Krijtlandpad -- Day 3

8 August 2018

From Slenaken to Vaals. Today would be the longest day of the trip, so another early start to get going!

Leaving Slenaken behind again.

Somewhere hidden behind a bunch of trees, in the middle of the forest, an old border post (on the Dutch-Belgian border) from 1843!

This guy will probably need 100 years to finish the entire Krijtlandpad!

One of the many typical half-timbered houses ("vakwerkhuis") in this region.

The first encounter with the Geul river, which I would cross several more times on this trip.

The Volmolen near Epen. An old watermill used in the linen industry.

A view of the church in Vijlen, which I would pass through the next day.

Another slow hiker...

...and strangely shaped fungus.

A view of the Vaalserberg, which forms the highest point in The Netherlands.

On top of the Vaalserberg is the three-countries point, the exact point where the three countries of The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany come together (there's a "B" and a "D" on the other side of the post).

And right next to it, the official highest point in The Netherlands, at a whopping 322.5m above sea level!

From there down to Vaals, with an old Dutch-German border marking, on which you can still see a German eagle.

And finally arriving in Vaals, where I would spend the night just across the border in the German part, at the rather character-less but very comfortable Campus-Boardinghouse.

The hike and elevation profile.

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