Bärenschützklamm, Austria

15 August 2017

From Mixnitz up into the valley and through the Bärenschützklamm. Then up to the Steirischer Jokl for a view of the Hochlantsch. Back down along an alternative trail. Fantastic!

I spent the night in Pernegg, in a lovely guest house right next to the pretty Frauenkirche and right below Schloss Pernegg.

The next day started with typical mountain fog.

But by the time I started hiking it was clearing up again.

Then the start of the Bärenschützklamm. Basically just one long wooden walkway up the gorge!

If you look carefully you can see the wooden walkway going all the way up the steep mountain side.

A look back down from halfway up.

Approaching the end of the gorge.

Then more uphill hiking, for a nice lunch spot at the Steirischer Jokl, with a view of the Hochlantsch.

And more views on the way back down.

Finally, a panoramic view from the Steirischer Jokl.

The hike and elevation profile.

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