Meiji-jingu, Tokyo, Japan

9 October 2017

Today was a national holiday in Japan, so I took the opportunity to do more walking around in the city. This time to Meiji-jingu, a large (the largest?) shinto shrine in Tokyo, and located in a large and beautiful park. Then I went over to the Tokyo metropolitan government building for some fine views over the city from up high.

The entrance to Meiji-jingu. The lady in the center shows how it should be done: take a bow before entering...

After visiting the main shrine, I went for a longer walk around the park. Very pleasant, and much quieter.

Then over to the Tokyo metropolitan government building, where you can go up to the 45th floor (at just over 200m), where there is a nice observation deck. You are behind glass windows though, so some reflection in these pictures was inevitable...

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