Takaosan, Japan

24 October 2017

Finally something of a real hike, although still with a high Disneyland factor. But nice to be out in the hills anyway. Mt. Takao ("Takaosan"), one of the closest places to Tokyo to do a bit of hiking. A rather cloudy day, so unfortunately no spectacular views.

Up along the Inariyama trail (# 6).

A first view towards Tokyo along the way.

Then the view from the top. Mount Fuji should be somewhere over there. Alas, too cloudy...

Down on the other side and a bit further along the Jinbasan trail to find a nice lunch spot.

Then back via trail # 5.

And past the obligatory temples and shrines.

Finally all the way down along the main trail (# 1).

So, I never saw Mt. Fuji on this hike. The best view I've had of it was the day before from the office ;-)

The hike and elevation profile.

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