Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany

5-10 November 2017

I attended an algorithmic cheminformatics seminar at Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany. So most of the week was spent inside lecture rooms, but I did do a few short walks in the hills and woods around the castle. Mostly cloudy and grey weather all week, but some sunlight on the first day, and nice fall colors in the woods.

A nice view of the mountains flying out of Vienna.

Schloss Dagstul in the early morning sunlight. An old castle that is converted into a conference center.

Just up the hill behind the schloss are the ruins of an even older castle (originally from the 14th century).

A view of the new part of the conference center.

Went back up the hill one evening to see the castle lit up.

And then a walk around the hills and woods on our only free afternoon. Grey weather, but nice trees.

And another nice view from the plane on the way back home...

The walk(s)

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