Zitterauer Tisch, Austria

27 May 2017

With the cable car from Bad Gastein up to the Stubnerkogel, and from there up to the Zitterauer Tisch, then down via the Hirschkarkogel to Böckstein, and along the river back to Bad Gastein. A gorgeous day with fantastic views!

The view from the Stubnerkogel.

My "high point" goal for the day, the Zitterauer Tisch.

Almost at the top. Just a few small snow patches to go through.

Which turned out to be deeper than I thought. Sank into them until my knees and even hips a few times!

But I made it, and the views were stunning.

Then back along the ridge and down towards the Hirschkarkogel.

A wonderful encounter: a lovely pair of ptarmigans (Schneehühner in German)! You don't get to see these beautiful birds very often. They had already changed to their summer colors, and were probably nesting. The male is to the right (on the rock), and the female to the left (in the snow).

The view from my lunch spot.

Almost down at Böckstein, with its pretty little church and mini-castle.

Then along the river back to Bad Gastein.

Finally, two panoramic views from high up.

The hike and elevation profile.

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