Burg Liechtenstein, Austria

15 January 2017

Starting from Mödling with its beautiful church up into the hills past the amphitheater and over to Burg Liechtenstein. Then over the hill to some small ruins, and down on the other side to Seegrotte Hinterbrühl, an old gypsum mine with an underground lake. Then up the hill on the other side past Burg Mödling, and through the forest back to Mödling itself. As a surprise, in a random little side-street, a house where Beethoven once lived. An easy hike, but packed with interesting sights!

The beautiful church in Mödling.

And its (separate) bell tower.

The amphitheater, built by one of the Liechtenstein princes in the early 1800s.

A full view of the amphitheater (scroll right to see it all).

Then through the forest...

...to Burg Liechtenstein. Still a family possession, but it's possible to visit the castle (check opening times on their website).

Continuing up and over the top of the hill to the next sight...

...the small ruins of another Liechtenstein building from the early 1800s.

Then down towards Hinterbrühl, with a nice view of Burg Mödling on the other side.

And a tour through the old gypsum mine, which now contains the largest underground lake in Europe.

A short boat ride is included in the tour.

Then up the hill on the other side...

...to Burg Mödling, or what's left of it.

Finally one more trail through the forest, back towards Mödling.

I randomly wandered around in some little side streets on the way back to the train station, and ran into a little surprise. Beethoven lived here...

The hike and elevation profile.

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