Stol, Slovenia

18 February 2017

A strenuous but spectacular hike up to the top of Stol (2236m), right on the Slovenian-Austrian border. A lot of elevation for one day (1700m up and down), but fantastic views along the way, even though it was very cloudy on top. I'll need three days to recover from this one! Thanks to Josef Leydold, who knows this trail well.

Starting at 635m, going up to the top of Stol at 2236m (plus about an extra 100m up and down).

A first view of the mountain.

Going through a winter wonderland after some snowfall just the night before.

A view back at Lake Bled.

Getting higher up, with increasingly more snow and clouds.

Finally at the top! Very cloudy here, but occasionally the views opened up for a few seconds...

Then all the way back down again.

The last few views, just before sunset.

And a panoramic view from halfway up, looking back towards Bled.

The hike and elevation profile.

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All images © 2017 Wim Hordijk