Höllental, Austria

15 August 2017

A spectacular hike up one side of the Höllental, over to the lookout point at the top, and then down along the other side into the valley itself and back down to the main road along the bottom. A tough hike with many ladders, cables, and footholds, but highly worth it!

The first view up the valley.

At the lookout point. Great views down the valley and around.

The Schneeberg.

Then the way down. Steep! Needing hands and feet, and a lot of ladders and cables to hold on to...

But finally safely down at the bottom of the valley. An easy walk back to the main road from here.

A last look back up the valley.

The stairway to heaven. Which I just descended.

A panoramic view across the valley, from halfway up.

And a panoramic view down the valley, from the lookout point.

The hike and elevation profile.

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All images © 2017 Wim Hordijk