Jubiläumswarte, Austria

13 August 2017

Another walk through the Wiener Wald on a mostly cloudy day. Starting from the Baumgarten cemetery, up to the Steinhof church, then into the woods and to the Jubiläumswarte, a nice lookout tower. Then back into the woods again, over the Heuberg and down to the Schwarzenberg park.

Grave with a view.

Hope this is not a bad sign...

The Steinhof church.

Then into the woods.

To the Jubiläumswarte, with nice views over Vienna and the Wiener Wald.

Then back into the woods.

Ending up at the Schwarzenberg park again (a familiar place by now).

Two panoramas. One towards Vienna.

And one over the Wiener Wald.

The hike and elevation profile.

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All images © 2017 Wim Hordijk