Glocknerhaus, Austria

25 April 2017

From the hostel in Schüttdorf where I'm staying up via Schoberalm and Areitalm to the Glocknerhaus. Then down via Ebenbergalm to Zell am See, and along the Zeller See back to the hostel. Unfortunately a lot of hiking through ski areas, but the wonderful views made up for it!

Still a bit hazy and overcast in the early morning.

But as I got higher up, the views just got better and better.

The view from my lunch spot, near the Glocknerhaus.

Schmittenhöhe in the distance.

Then down towards Zell am See, with nice views of the Zeller See.

A last look back up to the Schmittenhöhe.

And then down at the lake in Zell am See.

And back to the hostel, along the lake.

Some panoramas (scroll right to see it all). One from high up.

One on the way down, with a view on the lake.

And one from Zell am See looking across the lake.

The hike and elevation profile.

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All images © 2017 Wim Hordijk