Lisbon & Oeiras, Portugal

5-8 October 2016

I visited a colleague at the Gulbenkian Institute of Science in Oeiras, just west of Lisbon, Portugal. Next to the science discussions, I did a lot of walking, both in town and along the coast. First time in Portugal, and great first impression!

Flying into Lisbon.

A view of Castelo de São Jorge on top of the hill, in downtown Lisbon (scroll to the right to see it all).

A view over Lisbon and the Rio Tejo from the castle.

Another nice view from the top of the castle.

The institute I'm visiting is actually in Oeiras, just west of Lisbon. I went for a walk along the coast almost every day I was there.

Beautiful clouds over an empty beach (except for one pigeon).

The old Forte de São Julião da Barra.

And then, the sunset...

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All images © 2016 Wim Hordijk