Barcelona, Spain, to Vienna, Austria (flight)

15 October 2016

OK, not a hike at all, but one of the most spectacular flights I've ever been on, with amazing views of the Alps.

Flying out of Barcelona, across the Mediterranean.

Entering France above Marseille and the Calanques (towards the top-left) and Toulon (near the center)

The French-Italian Alps.

By now enough ice had formed on the outside of the little window that it became more difficult to get clear pictures. But I just kept shooting anyway...

A large layer of clouds across northern Italy, with the Alpine range in the background. The Mont Blanc is just right of center.

Then across the Dolomites, an area I've never been to myself, but where I'd love to do some hiking some day.

And further to the east into Austria, where the mountains slowly changed into foothills.

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All images © 2016 Wim Hordijk