Hadersfeld, Wienerwald, Austria

16 May 2016

A hike with colleagues from the KLI, from Altenberg to Klosterneuburg via the Tempelbergwarte (with a nice viewing tower), Hadersfeld, the Redlinger Hütte (for lunch), Kierling, and the Trat-Wiesner Heuriger (for a glass of wine and a snack). We had four seasons in one day: rain, sun, wind, and even some hail. The building where the Konrad Lorenz Institute used to be located is still in Altenberg, originally built by Adolf Lorenz (Konrad's father), and currently still inhabited by Konrad's children. Thanks to Yogi for organizing this hike, and only getting lost once ;-)

The hike and elevation profile.

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All images © 2016 Wim Hordijk