Liesgelespitz, Austria

7 July 2016

With the Ankogelbahn (cable car) up to the Mittelstation, and then a steep climb up to the Kleiner Tauernsee, a traverse over to the Mindener Hütte, across the Weissenbachscharte (a "knife edge") to the top of Liesgelespitz, and finally a loooong descent back to Mallnitz. A hard but totally amazing and worthwhile hike.

The Kleiner Tauernsee.

A tricky crossing on one of the last remaining steep snow slopes, but luckily it was soft enough to make secure steps.

The reward, a bouquet of flowers...

The Weissenbachscharte ("knife edge") leading to the top of Liesgelespitz...

...from where beautiful views await.

Wow, I almost stepped on it! A common European adder (or viper), Vipera berus, a completely black one. It kept hissing at me until it disappeared under a rock.

The hike and elevation profile.

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All images © 2016 Wim Hordijk