Gemeindealpe, Austria

22 December 2016

From Mitterbach through the forest up to Bauereck, and then along the still closed ski piste straight up to the top of the Gemeindealpe, with fantastic views all around. A great hike with plenty of snow and sun.

The last morning fog disappearing in the sunlight.

The first part is up through the forest.

The second part is through the snow with plenty of sunshine.

Out in the distance, towards Vienna, everything is covered in a thick fog...

The views from the top. Looking down at the Erlaufsee and the town of Mariazell just behind it.

The Ötscher, with the upper Ötschergraben (canyon) in front of it (which I hiked through just the day before).

Looking south towards the Alps.

Then the same way down again.

A look back at the top of the Gemeindealpe.

And a panoramic view from the top (scroll right to see it all).

The hike and elevation profile.

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All images © 2016 Wim Hordijk