Bratislava, Slovakia

10 December 2016

From Hainburg a/d Donau in Austria along the Danube into Slovakia until Bratislava. A fun walk on a sunny winter day. Spent the night in Bratislava and walked around the old town and castle a bit the next morning.

Some old fortifications in Hainburg.

And then eastward along the Danube.

The ruins of Burg Rötelstein, a 14th century castle.

The ruins of Devin castle, just on the other side of the river in Slovakia.

A flock of swans flying by.

And then, finally, the border. Nothing but a single stone pillar with "S" on one side (for Slovensko, or Slovakia) and "Ö" on the other (for Österreich, or Austria).

But just a little further into Slovakia, a more stark reminder of the past...

Still a bit further, the first view of the Bratislava castle.

And the futuristic bridge pylon called "UFO tower"...

...from the top of which you have a nice view over Bratislava.

The moon rising over the Danube from halfway across the bridge.

And a panoramic view of the city (scroll right to see it all).

The hike.

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All images © 2016 Wim Hordijk