Sarajevo & Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina

7-8 May 2015

Not a real nature hike, but I include this here anyway, as it did involve a lot of walking ;-)

A view from one of the hills around the city of Sarajevo.

Inside the old "white fort" on top of this hill.

And a view further up into the hills east of Sarajevo.

The real reason I came to Sarajevo is to visit the supposed pyramid complex at Visoko, about 30km away. As soon as you cross the bridge into Visoko, a very obvious pyramid shape is visible towering above the town.

The shape is even more obvious from the air. Here's a picture of one of the information panels.

Apparently there are several layers of "concrete" just under the dirt that covers this hill, the top layer of which has an almost perfectly smooth surface.

Nearby there is an entire system of artificial underground tunnels (the Ravne labyrinth), which is still in the process of being fully excavated and investigated. If what is claimed about this area is true, it would mean that this valley contains the largest and perhaps also the oldest pyramid currently known on this planet. It all sounds quite bizarre, but now that I've seen it myself, I find it hard to deny that there really is something here that, as one archeaologist puts it, could mean that the whole of human history will have to be rewritten. Although given the many "out-of-place" archaeological finds all over the world, I am convinced that this is the case anyway. You can read more about the Bosnian pyramids and what is known about them so far.

The next day I went to Mostar, a pretty medieval town with its famous stone bridge...

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