Eems River Mouth, The Netherlands

8 March 2015

A walk from Delfzijl over the dike along the mouth of the Eems river to the Eemshaven (harbor), and then over to Roodeschool. A long walk on a nice and sunny day.

A view across the mouth of the Eems river from Delfzijl. You can just see some windmills on the other side along the German river bank.

A view north along the dike and towards Eemshaven.

Interesting patterns of algea on the rocks in the dike.

Two oystercatchers looking for food along the shore.

A whole bunch of them in flight.

And more, huddled together along a small pier.

The only beach along the entire walk!

A typical Dutch view: a green field and a farm.

The Eemshaven with its futuristic windmill park.

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All images © 2015 Wim Hordijk