Noordpolderzijl, The Netherlands

7 March 2015

I joined an afternoon "wadloop" (mudwalking) tour from Pieterburen, a little village north of Groningen. During low tide, large parts of the sea bottom become "dry", and you can walk across them (although it's pretty muddy). A typical Dutch activity, which I had never done before.

The trip starts in the nearby "kwelders" (salt marshes), the grasslands along the coast which often are under water as well (especially during extra high tide).

This is not sand, but thousands of tiny little sea snails!

Slowly the marshes give way to the mud of the sea bottom.

It's late winter, and late afternoon, so the sun is quite low above the horizon, making for beautiful displays of light on the water.

Hundreds of sea shells huddled together.

Then back to the marshes again.

And finally, a beautiful sunset viewed from the dike. A nice day out, and now I can finally say I went mudwalking, like a true Dutch person ;-)

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All images © 2015 Wim Hordijk