Las Dunas de Concon, Chile

10 December 2015

I wanted to spend at least one day at the Pacific ocean during my two weeks in Santiago, so I decided to go to the Dunas de Concon, just north of Valparaiso. It's a natural sand dune, surrounded by modern development. But once you're in there, it does feel a little like being in a small sanctuary. With the added bonus of Roca Oceanica, a small rocky outcrop with many different bird species around.

It's a bit hard to see, but these are actually pelicans flying by!

This almost looks like snow or ice on top of the rock, but it's cormorant poo!

This beautiful bird is just swallowing its catch of the day.

And then back over the sand dunes to return to where I had started...

The dunes as seen on Google Earth.

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All images © 2015 Wim Hordijk