Mont d'Or, France

28 August 2015

From Vallorbe to the Grottes de Vallorbe (a beautiful limestone cave), across the border and up to Mont d'Or just on the French side, and then back down to Vallorbe again.

The Orbe river, which flows from Lac de Joux through the Grottes de Vallorbe.

The steep rockwall just above the main cave entrance.

A narrow opening into the mountain, further up along the trail from the main cave. You can feel the cool air coming out of here.

And another, larger, cave (Grotte des Fees).

I had my headlamp with me, so I actually went into this cave for a short distance.

The view when coming back out of the cave.

Crossing the border from Switzerland into France. No immigration problems here, it seems!

And then up to the top of Mont d'Or.

The hike and elevation profile.

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All images © 2015 Wim Hordijk