Valle de Horcones, Parque Provincial Aconcagua, Argentina

18 April 2014

With Mt. Aconcagua (the highest mountain in the Americas) just across the border from Santiago, I really wanted to check out this area. But it seems that the only way to do it in one day was to go with an organized tour. Something I prefer to avoid, but I had little choice. Unfortunately the top of Aconcagua itself was hiding behind the clouds, but it was well worth it anyway, as this whole area is stunningly beautiful! Hope to come back sometime and spend 3 or 4 days hiking around in this park.

On the way back to Santiago we made a quick stop at Portillo, a ski area just on the Chilean side of the border. It has a very pretty glacial lake.

Well, a fine day after all, despite missing out on seeing the actual peak, and the fact that the hike was shorter than I would have liked. But if you're ever in Santiago and want to do a day trip to the Aconcagua park, I can certainly recommend Andes Wind, the company I went with (if you click the link, you can see what the peak actually looks like...).

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