Champex-Lac to Trient and Col de Balme, Valais, Switzerland

25-26 October 2013

A two-day hike to enjoy the wonderful mélèzes (larches, in english), a pine tree that turns yellow and then loses its needles every year in the fall. I certainly got my money's worth on this hike!

The first day I walked from Champex-Lac to Trient, along part of the Tour du Mont Blanc. The day was filled with amazing views of mélèzes and mountains.

A view back to Dent de Morcles and the Grand Chavalard from the shadow of the trees.

I arrived in the little village of Trient, just below the Col de la Forclaz, and spent the night at the Auberge Mont Blanc (very nice!).

The next day I hiked up to the Col de Balme, on the border with France, with more yellow trees along the way...

A look back down from close to the col.

And then a full view of the Mont Blanc (with a funny little cloud covering its very top) from the col. One foot in Switzerland, and one in France.

And some more mountains on the french side of the border.

A different trail down, with a look back at the Col de Balme.

After a little while, just around the corner, the splendid Glacier du Trient.

And the Glacier des Grands, with the sun right above it (I'm surprised this pic came out so well against the sun; I couldn't see a darn thing on my little digital screen...).

On the way down, an interesting vertical wall of rock.

And more mélèzes and mountain views.

Another look at the Trient valley from lower down.

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All images © 2013 Wim Hordijk