Venice, Italy

17-29 November 2013

"Urban hiking" ;-) Was in Venice for about 2 weeks to visit a research institute (the European Centre for Living Technology) and collaborate with some italian colleagues. This gave me a nice opportunity to wander around in the many little streets of this unique city. No mountains, hardly even any trees, but very easy to get lost!

During the winter months they regularly experience extra high tide in Venice. The first few days of my stay I had to make sure I was at the institute early enough in the morning, otherwise I would not be able to get there without wet feet. A view from the institute at one of the main squares, which was under water for a couple of hours.

And the little street leading up to the front door.

A nice view from the bell tower at Piazza San Marco, looking north over the city and toward the Alps.

And a view south towards the sea.

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All images © 2013 Wim Hordijk