Fieldwork part 1, Alpes Vaudoises, Switzerland

July 2013

During July and August I am helping out a colleague with fieldwork, collecting soil samples in the alps within the canton of Vaud. Hard work, but hey, I get to go hiking in some of the most beautiful places, and get paid for it!

We're staying in a nice chalet near Les Diablerets, which serves as our "base camp". The view from the terrace in front of the chalet.

A field day near Pont de Nant, looking straight up to the Grand Muveran.

Collecting samples just below La Para, above Les Diablerets. Wonderful hike with fantastic views. Here's Cape au Moine with some of the pre-alps popping up their heads just above the Col de Seron.

After a free ride up in the Glacier 3000 cable car (a 40 franc value!), we sampled a few of the higher-altitude sites. The view up from just below the Cabane des Diablerets.

The Diablerets summit and glacier.

Oldenhorn across the Tsanfleuron glacier.

Working in dangerous places. Yours truly relying on a GPS and his vestibular system to find the exact sampling site. Thanks to Madeleine Scriba for this nice picture.

After sitting out some heavy rain, another beautiful day and another beautiful hike. From Anzeindaz up into the Paneirosse valley.

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All images © 2013 Wim Hordijk