Salvan -- Gorge du Dailley -- Van d'en Bas -- Sex de Granges -- La Creusaz -- Les Marecottes, Valais, Switzerland

5 July 2013

Great hike! +1200/-1100m, a narrow gorge, a long and steep uphill, fantastic views from the top (2080m), and a nice traverse with full view of the Mont Blanc.

The Gorge du Dailley with thundering waterfalls...

...and walkways suspended along the canyon walls.

After a long and steep uphill to Sex de Granges, the rewards. The Dents du Midi to the north-west.

The Grand Combin to the south-east.

And the majestic Mont Blanc to the south-west.

The top of the Grand Combin floating in the clouds.

Some rough and rocky terrain on the traverse to La Creusaz.

More nice views on the way down to Les Marecottes, but didn't take any more pictures...

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All images © 2013 Wim Hordijk