Dent de Vaulion (from Le Pont), Vaud, Switzerland

30 December 2013

Another nice snowshoe hike with Stephan, this time in the Jura. Not nearly as high or rugged as the Alps, but very pretty in its own way, and somehow they often seem to get more snow here than in the Alps!

Starting from the little village of Le Pont (at one end of Lac de Joux), we headed up towards the top of Dent de Vaulion. At lower altitudes the usual winter fog prevailed, but it actually made for some very dramatic views, turning everything into a mystical winter wonderland...

But once we got a bit higher up, we were above the fog and clouds and enjoyed plenty of blue sky and sunshine.

Once at the top, the views of the alpine range were spectacular, across the sea of clouds hanging in the valley below. Here's the Mont Blanc in the distance (center of pic).

And Mont Tendre, the highest point in the Swiss Jura.

A beautiful panoramic view of the Alpine range, from the Eiger and Jungfrau on the left, to the Mont Blanc on the right.

On the way back down, we made our own way through wonderful fresh powder snow. Great day, lovely hike, beautiful views.

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All images © 2013 Wim Hordijk